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Sunrise Medical Equipment is proud to offer a full line of orthotics for upper and lower extremities. Our most popular items range in diversity from a full line of back braces, knee braces, ankle braces, wrist braces and elbow braces.
The following are some of our most popular orthotics products are:

Back Braces

(Lumbosacral Supports, Sacroiliac Supports, Maternity Supports, Lumbosacral Girdles, Dorsolumbar Supports, Abdominal Supports)
Lumbosacral supports, commonly known as back braces, are the most common supports garments used to relieve back pain. They are effective in treatment of low back pain, arthritis, herniated discs, degenerative disc diseases, minor factures and strains.

Back Braces - Elastic Pocket Wraparound w/Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels

Product DescriptionOrthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - Elastic_Pocket_Wrapround_wRigid_Anterior___Posterior_Panels
Three interlocking double strength one-way stretch elastic panels with hook 'n pile closure and encircling cinch straps. Moldable thermoplastic inserts included (shown partially exposed). This brace is sized according to hip measurement.
Sizes: XS (26"-29") | S (30"-33") | M (34"-37") | L (38"-41") | XL (42"-45") | 2XL (46"-50") | 3XL (51"-55") | 4XL (56"-60") | 5XL (61"-68")

Back Braces - TruTEK Lumbosacral Orthosis

Product Description Orthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - TruTek_Model_2894
Made from high quality nylon and cotton blend materials, TruTEK effectively stabilizes the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the lower back, offering relief from pain and discomfort. Rigid anterior and posterior panels provide additional support to the abdomen and relieve pressure over the entire lower back to the level of the T-9 vertebra. Varying degrees of additional support can be obtained by adjusting the bilateral support pull.
Sizes: S (29"-33") | M (34"-39") | L (40"-44") | XL (45"-49") | 2XL (50"-55") | 3XL (56"-60")

Knee Braces 

(Knee Sleeves, Wrap Around, Neoprene Knee Braces, Knee Splints, Post-Op Knee Support, Elastic Knee Brace, Osteoarthris Knee Brace, Hinged Knee Brace)
A knee brace for osteoarthritis is also known OA knee brace (OA - OsteoArthritis"), and it is sometimes called an off-loading brace. These braces are supports worn on the knees to provide joint stability and help to correct joint alignment problems. Braces can be made of metal, fabric and plastic. Most braces are made of soft, breathable material so it is less bulky, fits under clothing.

Knee Braces - Varsity™ Knee Orthosis

Product Description 
Orthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - Varsity____Knee_Orthosis
Varsity™ Knee Orthosis is made for a "custom fit" right off the shelf, this functional rigid-frame motion-control knee brace provides dynamic stabilization for the unstable knee. Its advanced dual-axis hinge has flexion and extension adjustment that secures by locking pins at 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90 degrees (no tools necessary). The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and has wide calf and thigh cuffs to comfortably encircle and compress the leg. The Varsity is completely lined with a soft chamois covered foam laminate that attaches by hook 'n pile contact (replacement liner included). Adjustment straps have thick foam cushions for comfort. Use is indicated for post-op protection and conservative rehab of mild ACL or PCL injuries, arthritis and general medial/lateral instabilities.
Sized according to circumference measurement 6" above midpatella.
Sizes: S (14½"-18½") | M (18½"-21") | L (21"-23½") | XL (23½"-26½") | 2XL (26½"-29½")

Knee Braces - Neoprene Extension Control Knee Orthosis

These neoprene supports provide uniform four-way stretch compression and serve as an insulator, retaining the body’s natural heat to promote circulation and reduce swelling. Especially useful for sports applications, neoprene supports are also effective in treatment of sprains, strains, pulled muscles, arthritis, arthropathies and a variety of post-surgical conditions.
Product DescriptionOrthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - Neoprene_Extension_Control_Knee_Orthosis
Wraparound Extension Control Knee Orthosis is a wraparound style knee brace made of black neoprene. Adjustable extension control stops can be set at 0°, 15°, 30° or 45°. Hinges are stainless steel and fully encased in Neoprene pockets. Open patella and comfortable large open popliteal design. Two 2"-wide hook 'n pile wraparound control straps (with finger loops) provide encircling compression. Greatly beneficial for Osteoarthritis patients who are looking for support but not the bulkiness of a metal brace. Sized according to knee circumference.
Sizes: XS (12"-13") | S (13"-14") | M (14"-15") | L (15"-17")
| XL (16"-18") | 2XL (18"-20") |3XL (20"-22") | 4XL (22"-24")

Wrist Braces

(Hand Aid, Hand Splint, Carpal Tunnel Splint, Wrist Brace, Cock-Up Splint, Cock up Splint, Cockup Splint, Thumb Spica, Hand Brace)
From computer keyboard in the executive suite to the operator in the machine shop, wrist braces are made to provide assistive support to relieve pain and control motion while enabling the patient to perform duties necessary to daily living and working. Closure and all adjustment straps are secured by hook n’ pile contact. Swelling and post-swelling adjustment is easily accommodated by this feature.

Wrist Braces - FormFit® 8" Wrist Splint

Product Description
 Orthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - FormFit_8_Wrist_Splint
FormFit® 8" Wrist Splint. Lightweight and breathable open-cell foam padding is Lycra lined and three-dimensionally molded to provide extra comfort. By varying padding thickness in strategic locations, overall comfort and fit is enhanced for total patient compliance. Soft, Lycra®-lined breathable interior has excellent wicking properties. Other features include V-notch at fifth M.P. for palmer spread, contouring along distal palmer crease for 90° M.P. flexion, and three contact closure straps. Comes with removable aluminum stay prebent at 25°, which can be adjusted. Sized according to palm width.
Sizes: XS (2"-2½") | S (2½"-3¾") | M (3"-4¼") | L (3½"-4¾") | XL (4½"-6")

Ankle Braces

(Ankle Brace, Ankle Splint, Stirrup Ankle Brace, Aircast, Stablizer, Leg Walker)
Ankle Brace are effective supports for stabilizing the ankle joint following severe sprains or after cast removal . Each model is designed to control adduction and adduction while permitting free flexion and extension.

Ankle Braces - Swede-O Easy Lok

Product DescriptionOrthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - ez_lok_swedo
Ideal for arthritic patients and others who have difficulty applying a lace style brace. Medial and lateral stabilizers included for maximum support of the ankle. Heavy-duty triple vinyl laminate construction provides superior ankle support and durability. Foam padded for greater comfort.
Exclusive ANKLE LOK offset panel provides greater leverage so the hook and loop closure straps can be pulled tighter and will stay tighter longer. Made in the USA with uncompromising quality standards

Neck Brace

(Cervical Braces, Cervical Collars, Neck Collars, Foam Collars)
Cervical braces provide a relief of muscle tension and or treatment of severe or minor neck injuries including automobile whiplash. Cervical braces permit patient ambulation while limiting motion of the cervical vertebrae. Indications cervical braces include treatment of cervical fractures, dislocations and many other neck injuries.

Neck Brace - Marlin Cervical Orthosis

Product Description
 Orthoses - Sunrise Medical Equipment - Marlin
Marlin Cervical Orthosis is clinically designed orthosis satisfies patient tolerance during extended wear without compromising stability. It features a molded polyethylene two-piece frame that distributes weight over a broad area, thereby reducing isolated local pressure. It limits flexion, extension, lateral flexion and axial motion. The Marlin's flexible mandibular frame has a large opening for ventilation in which an adjustable Kydex® yoke is placed to create variable height adjustment. The molded occipital component encases an aluminum stay that can be shaped for cervical arch contouring, increasing flexion or extension, or simply relieving pressure on high cervical vertebrae. Removable flannel covered open-cell foam liners cushion all contact areas for patient comfort replacement liners are available on special order). Occipital and mandibular frames are secured by hook 'n pile adjustment straps. MRI and CT compatible.
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